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From the JB FAQ:

Do your recall who was the FIRST artist who "grabbed" you and got you going on drawing? Perhaps when you were a child? JB: Your question has a much more literal answer than you might have guessed when you posed it. There have been many influences in my artistic career, but the one who I will always credit as having jumpstarted the whole thing was my paternal grandfather, Frederick Aurthur Byrne, who, when I was a baby, would hold me on his lap, hold a piece of chalk in my right hand, and draw on a small slate. I still have the slate, recovered from my grandmother's house when she died. On it is a choo-choo train which she preserved and which, given the damp English climate, has eaten into the board to the point that it cannot be erased. The oldest existing John Byrne original, vintage 1952!!


1952-01-01 00:00
576 x 492
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